Roots in The Air Album




Roots in the Air (2017)

Iseo & Dodosound are back from the gloomy alleys of their first album to take us on a new trip through landscapes with neon lights, deserted areas and digital shoots. In Roots in The Air’s imaginary, their second long play, we’ll find deserts where the sturdiest flowers come up, people from cities in ruins playing dice with Death in the Mediterranean sea, even plentiful spring waters hiding deep messages.
Roots in the Air is the confirmation for those constantly searching for new sounds that big things are happening under Dodosound’s hat, propelled by Iseo’s vocal cords and The Mousehunters’ apocalyptic jazz progressions. Elegant, addictive and moving, the songs of their new album are a new beginning. The wait of a new chapter with their adventures was totally worth it, great things come to those who wait.

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